Welcome to the Cathedral and Imperial Town of Fritzlar

The historic market square - Fritzlar's "parlour"

Discover the cultural testimony to the Middle Ages and walk in the footsteps of German emperors and kings. Enjoy special events or a relaxing stroll through the medieval old town where cosy cafés and restaurants with their culinary delights await.

The cathedral and imperial town of  Fritzlar lies on a river terrace and presents a magnificent silhouette which is visible from afar. The mighty towers of St Peter's Cathedral and the countless defence towers with the practically completely intact city walls, all serve to demonstrate the importance Fritzlar had as a medieval trading town.

It is well worth taking a second look round Fritzlar: St Peter's Cathedral (papal basilica, founded by St Boniface) with cathedral treasury and museum, Grey Tower (highest preserved city defence tower in Germany), the grouping of half-timbered houses around the market square, picturesque alleyways, gothic stone houses and the town hall as the oldest official building in Germany - there is so much to discover.

Nowadays, there are a total of ten districts belonging to the city of Fritzlar and with a total population of 14,600, they too are also worth a visit: Walk to the Büraberg with the Chapel of St Bridget and the foundations of the Frankish Fortress, experience the stone chamber grave or Garvensburg Castle in Züschen, discover the reconstruction of the Chatti village Alt-Geismar. 

Further Information:

Touristinformation Fritzlar
Zwischen den Krämen 5
34560 Fritzlar
Tel. (0 56 22) 9 88-6 43
Fax (0 56 22) 9 88-6 26
 touristinfo (at) fritzlar.de 


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