Bake house in Allendorf

Backhaus in Allendorf

Bake house in Allendorf

Following its loving renovation, baking has now started up again. A bake house festival is celebrated every two years. In Allendorf anybody who is interested can learn how bread was made and baked during our grandmother's days.

Information from the Heimatverein Allendorf, Mr Michel, Tel.: 06455/517, or Mr Mütze, Tel.: 06455/8269.


Church in Frankenau

Kirche in Frankenau

Frankenau, Church

In 1865, 13 years after the great fire, the magnificent church was built by the master-builder Wilhelm Müller. It was erected completely in the neo-gothic style, "after all, one does not want to build a modern church in the shadow of Haina Monastery", according to the memoires of his son, Friedrich Müller. Revival of the gothic (Germanic) architectural style from the Middle Ages was his pet fad. Which is why they called him the "gothic Müller."
The new church was consecrated in April 1878.





Charcoal Kiln

Kohlenmeiler in Frankenau

Charcoal kiln in Frankenau

Charcoal required by the many iron foundries, copper and lead works in our region was manufactured here. The demand for charcoal was huge and it was often very difficult obtaining sufficient quantities of coal. The amount of wood required for one ton of pig-iron, was on average 30 to 40 strong beech trees. For this reason, many of the region's inhabitants were still working as charcoal burners until the end of the 19th century.

Now, here is the perfect opportunity for you to take a closer look at such a charcoal kiln. The model, which can be found along the nature trail with facts on the forest's history near Quernst, has several information boards providing insights into the work of a charcoal burner and the function of a charcoal kiln.

Quernst Chapel (between Altenlotheim and Frankenau)


Quernst Chapel

In the middle of the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee. a place for man and nature to come together has emerged. A new bell has also been especially made for this chapel. The Frankenau priest was impressed by his first prayer meeting and blessed the site. Church services are held here up to three times a year, but otherwise it is a popular tourist attraction for young and old.

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